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The 100 Words Of Wisdom Exhibit (100WOW) is a photo-exhibition that captures the interaction between a body artist and his human canvases; 100 senior citizens. This unique experience will capture their stories and how they inspired his body art. Yonkers resident and professional artist, Evan Bishop, has submitted this collaborative artistic project for the Arts Westchester, Arts Alive 2017 Grant. 

The idea of painting seniors came at the dinner table of his girlfriend, Katori Walker's, 95-year-old grandmother. During a conversation about the issues affecting young people today, he asked Nana:

“If you gave my grandchildren one word to take with them throughout life, what would that word be?”

Her answer was “FOCUS” and she went on to explain why this word is important to her. As she reminisced about moments of focus in her life, a wonderfully organic conversation unfolded. After dinner, Evan proceeded to paint the word “FOCUS” on her hand while Katori pampered her. She was so elated that she wanted to take pictures. The picture now hangs in her home.

The mission of The 100 Words Of Wisdom Exhibit is to use art, specifically body art, to bring people together to celebrate, better appreciate and learn from the wisdom of our elders.


The goal is to give our seniors an artistic vehicle to communicate with younger generations. This exhibit will be launched by autumn of 2017 in the waterfront district of Yonkers. With the committed support of the business and private sectors of Yonkers, we will present this exhibit with much fanfare and media coverage.

These photographs will travel and spread throughout the various communities of Westchester. These photos will be used in public spaces and appreciated by millions.  


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