100WOW News!




100WOW Exhibit launches the official Facebook page and gains instant support. The team reaches out to the senior centers. 



Evan applies for the Arts Westchester 2017 Arts Alive grant  and submits the 100WOW Exhibit as the project proposal. 


Blue Door Arts Center agrees to host the first ever 100WOW Exhibit in the Fall of 2017. 


Jose Alvarado, Recreation Supervisor of the Yonkers Parks, Recreation and Conservation Dept. supports the 100WOW Exhibit and suggests the senior centers to gain participants. 



Lance and Barry invite Katori and Evan to a grant writing workshop hosted by Arts Westchester. Evan pitches the 100WOW Exhibit to the group and gains immediate support. 


MARCH 2016

Katori and Evan have dinner with Nana. She shares her one word, FOCUS, and explains what that word means to her. Evan paints the word while Katori pampers Nana. The seed is planted. 


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