I am a self-proclaimed visual ambassador for my Ancestors, Africa, the Black experience in America, and the Hip-Hop culture. These rich sources of inspiration are the foundation of my beliefs, social views and art.

Born in the 70s and raised during and 80s in the Bronx provided the perfect environment for a lifetime of visual arts. With the emergence of Hip-Hop as a global cultural movement, I gravitated to the visual
element of the culture, graffiti. During my teens, I discovered the power of painting bright and big murals as a tool to convey a message and capture the attention of the public. My desire to paint superseded the dangers of rival graffiti artists, active third rails and the police.

In my twenties, my art expanded as I was introduced to a plethora of materials while attending college. I took a liking to serigraphy and anatomy. I also began to incorporate more cultural themes as I proudly proclaimed my Blackness as I experienced fatherhood for the first time. During my thirties, digital art dominated my time and my art reflected ythe visions of clients and commissioned art. This took up all of my creative time. While rewarding on many levels, I was not creating art to express myself.

My forties have allotted me opportunities to take the previous three decades and produce art that infuses all that I have learned along the way. This includes a private collection of over 25 paintings, continued commissioned work and a body art portfolio that is upwards of 500 individual designs.

My artwork reflects the beauty all around as seen through my eyes. I use art as a means to convey messages, celebrate life, interpret nature, explore colors, and adorn the human form.


My style possesses the bold, vibrant colors reminiscent of graffiti art.


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